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Originally Posted by USNRet93 View Post
I know, I know, it's cold outside and the outdoor range is still snow clobbered..2 sons and I going to the gun show in Denver on the 25th. I know, 'gunshow' but we are thinking about one of these 4 'choices'...assuming a budget would cover any of them..which? Just for range plinking, fun..

Ruger mini-14
Ruger mini-30
New manufacture M1 Carbine
Old, decent shape, WW2/Korean era M1 Carbine.

AND before anybody says 'AR type platform'..oldest son already has one of those..looking for 'different'...
Given the choices, If money were no object...
1- Fulton M1 Carbine
2- USGI M1 refurbed by Fulton
3- Mini-14
4- Mini-30

The M1 is one of the most "fun" firearms ever made, an utter hoot. USGI Carbines have skyrocketed in price but are often in need of refurb to help them become reliable, so given the cost I would just pick a Fulton built modern one and be done with it. The other current production ones are spotty at best, junk at worst, Ive wasted money and time on them... don't waste yours.

As for the Mini, I have never owned one in my entire life (not sure how that happened) but always wanted one. I finally picked up my first 14 last summer and have been having fun with it (I was planning on posting about my experience), basically beefed up & modernized M1 Carbine.

If funds didn't allow for a Fulton, I would have no hesitation about buying a Mini.
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