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Originally Posted by bedbugbilly View Post
Steve - it's been years since I shot N-SSA, but if this guy has a booth at the Nationals, it seems like you could get in touch with one of the officers of the Association and fill them in on your experience. You've got your receipt as well as a witness and while I can understand a hold-up if he was having issues getting parts, barrels, etc. - but 2 years? If it was me, I'd be hopping mad.

If the Association can't put some pressure on him, then maybe it's time to find out his new address and give one last call to him - if he doesn't 'produce", then call the Prosecuting Attorney for the county he lives in and explain the situation to them. If I understand you correctly, he has your pistol . . . has had it two years and done nothing . . . . seems a little fraud like to me.

Other long time folks who have booths at the Nationals and do gun work do it in a timely manner. Sounds like this guy needs a "wake up call".
I agree with everything you’ve posted except I wouldn’t make another call unless it was to the district attorney or his local LE agency. The fraud is pretty obvious, if he intended to do the right thing he’s had two flipping years to do it. He’s never going to make it right. That’s plain to see.
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