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Ball Accuracy - 2 years and no revolver returned. Buyer Beware.

In October of 2016 I attended my first Nationals. I was interested in getting my Uberti New Model Remington accurized. I settled on Ball Accuracy and left my Uberti with him at his booth on 10/7/2016. I have the receipt from this transaction.

I asked when the revolver would be ready, and I was told "probably by the next Nationals."

As the next Nationals approached, I called and got an answer, and was told that he was having trouble procuring barrels and hoped to get some at the Nationals.

Our team went to the Spring 2018 Nationals, and so I called Ball Accuracy many times prior to check on the status and to arrange to pick it up at the Nationals. I stated in voice mail (when the mailbox was not full) that I wanted to pick it up, done or not. I called and emailed several times with no response prior to the Nationals.

At the Spring 2018 Nationals, a teammate witness and I went to the Ball Accuracy Booth, where Mr. Ball was found. I introduced myself, and he said, "Oh, you're the guy who has been calling!" Which indicates that in fact he was receiving my messages, and simply decided not to respond to them. I asked him when my revolver would be ready, which he had had for a year and a half by that point. He said, "The second week of July".

I called back the second week of July, and received no answer, and his voice mail box was full. I sent an email, and it went unanswered. At that time his web site said he was moving and would be in in August.

On September 26th I called again and left a voice mail, which was not answered. I also sent an email, which also went unanswered.

It is now October 9th, so it is now 2 years since Ball Accuracy has had my revolver. I called today, and his voice mail box is full.

Their website is now defunct, as the domain has expired.

At this point I am concluding that I have been ripped off. I would not recommend Ball Accuracy to anyone.

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