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Under definition of an assault weapon it says "Pistol. . with a pistol grip."

Anyone ever seen a pistol without a pistol grip?
It's a feature and the firearm must have at least two of them . So a pistrol grip "&" forward grip , flash hider , barrel shroud etc . Not sure about other states but it's illegal to put those on a pistol in CA regardless of it's type of grip . It also states the "pistol grip" in question hangs down below the mag well . Any pistols you know of fit that description ? It also states center fire rifle , any pistols fit that description ?

Unfortunately I can go on & on about this , CA sucks to live in if you're a gun enthusiast .

To the OP , I'm trying to get conformation but parts of the ammo law has been postponed until 7-1-19 . I believe that is the background check system but after the first of the year you must do all ammo purchases face to face ( FTF ) meaning no internet sales after 12-31-17 . I'd assume many vendors will stop selling ammo to CA before that to insure delivery is by 12-31-17 . My guess would be somewhere around 12-20-17 you will start to see it harder and harder to buy ammo online in CA but that's just a guess about that .
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If you have some time IMO this is worth a listen/watch but it takes a few minutes to really get going . or a picture of Mohamed
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