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He recommends putting the butt in the shoulder normally, then just before firing pushing the trigger hand forward hard and pulling back on the forearm hard to put a Weaver tension on the gun.
And, he gets paid for telling people this????

If you get the desired result, I guess there's really no wrong way, but this technique seems really odd to me.

For one thing, for me, putting the butt in the shoulder "normally" involves pulling rearward with my trigger hand. Pushing forward seems wrong, and what do you push against, anyway?? The back of the trigger guard? A lot of pump guns don't have a good hump on the top of the grip at the rear of the receiver, so the only thing keeping your hand from sliding forward is the trigger guard underneath and the strength of your grip on the wrist of the stock above, when you push forward with the trigger hand.

I don't see how that could HELP anyone's aim, and in my experience, giving the butt ANY "running room" (meaning not tight to the shoulder) INCREASES the felt recoil.

I think I'd like to see him use that technique on a Winchester Model 12. If you put and hold rearward pressure on a Model 12's forearm before firing, then after firing, it will not unlock, until you release the rearward pull and "bump" the forearm forward slightly. This is very easy to see when dry firing. If you put just a little forward "push" on the forearm, or just try to hold it in place, recoil will move the gun enough to allow it to unlock when you pull the forearm back after firing.

Model 12s, (and 97s) require a certain technique other designs don't.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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