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Originally Posted by Dfariswheel View Post
I notice you have the same Magpul vertical front grip I bought.

I've since been hearing that people break these off the plastic rail.

It looks secure but it IS a plastic rail.

The reason I bring this up is, I saw a shotgun instructor recommending a modified Weaver grip, only for shotguns and rifle.

He recommends putting the butt in the shoulder normally, then just before firing pushing the trigger hand forward hard and pulling back on the forearm hard to put a Weaver tension on the gun.

He says this reduces felt recoil noticeably.

I considered that If I did this with the Kel-Tec the Magpul handle might be overstressed and might break off under recoil.

With the few instances that I saw people blowing their fingers off, it was a cheap airsoft/China produced vertical grip which snapped... not the rail. With the new iteration of the KSG, they did reinforce the forend rail. If you want piece of mind, there is an aluminum rail that goes along the rail so it puts the force across the entire rail instead at a short section. Drawback is it drops the grip down maybe a half inch.

Personally, I'm not a fan of odd techniques. Even with 3" Magnums... it is only a 12 Gauge. Not that much recoil to deal with. But I don't see why you'd want to manipulate a long gun like that. Pushing/pulling... you are likely going to throw a shot a lot easier than just shooting the shotgun normally. But I do have to question... why would he recommend that for rifles? At least for precision rifles, the less influence you put on the gun, the better your results will be.

Well, I don't know if you are going to break the gun, but just be careful with it. The most injuries I see occurring with the KSG are related to user error. Try to dump the magazine, lose grip or break a vertical grip, and you lose a few fingers because you let it go in front of the muzzle. If it worries you, go on eBay and pick up a SMT choke adapter. Gives you a little extra length to protect your hand from sweeping the muzzle... as well as Remington chokes.
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