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I was shooting Bullseye Pistol at CMP Talladega next to the AMU shootes and asked them about M1911 durability. These guys were shooting 5000 to 7000 rounds a month out of their M1911's. These were Caspian Arm slides and frames.

They wore out triggers and sears, generally within the year. Barrels wore out every couple of years. I don't remember if extractors broke. None of their Caspian Arm M1911's had cracked a frame or slide and the guns had been in service before any of the shooters had joined the AMU. I am quite sure springs were being replaced because these are consumable items. These guys, like all Bullseye shooters, lubed frequently during the match. I see, and I copy, every ten rounds I am applying a drop of oil on the end of the barrel where it meets the barrel bushing. We change targets ever ten rounds so I have a frequent oiling breaks in 2700 Bullseye. I frequently add a drop of oil on the rails between targets of a 2700 Bullseye match. I also try to keep the barrel link and slide stop lubed. Others have told me they don't oil that area during a match, but that area does experience wear, and I have an oil bottle! Bullseye shooters told me the elbow is the drip point. I think I over lube compared to others, but, so what. I ought to own shares in Mobil because I am sure I am raising their stock price.

Change magazines when they malfunction.
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