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I had a set of mags that would splay out at the top, preventing ejection, and part of my weekly pre-match drill was testing each mag for lock-back and smooth ejection.
Even though I don't use those particular mags anymore, I still perform the tests occasionally on match-day mornings.

Insert empty mag in gun, rack slide, eject mag. Repeat two or three times.

Put single round or snap-cap in mag, insert mag in gun, eject mag. Repeat two or three times.

At a sanctioned match last year, even though I'd performed those tests two or three times in the week prior, one of my mags stopped locking the slide midway through the match.

Some years earlier, I was nearing the end of a match, realized that I hadn't performed the tests pre-match, told myself, "You haven't had any problems yet, so why would they start now?", and, of course, on the last stage two of my mags didn't eject cleanly.

Some people will just toss a mag that stops working perfectly, but I'll replace springs and followers, tweak the tube, etc., to keep a $25-$35 mag in action.
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