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Besides clean & lube ...and good mags....

I will add :

Clean to me means field strip after every range trip ....
Every 1,500 rds, remove firing pin & extractor & clean and lube...
Every 3,000 rds break gun down to a bare frame, inspect clean & lube.
( I put about 500 rds a week, thru my primary 1911...).

1. I replace recoil spring every 8 weeks, I replace Firing Pin spring every 4 months or 16 weeks, I replace main spring about every 25,000 rds or once a year. About every 75,000 rds I will replace the leaf or sear spring. If I choose to run a " shok buff" in the gun...and Wilson recommends it on their .45acp's but not on their 9mm's ....I replace it about every 2,000 rds or if it shows any wear... I go back & forth on wether shok buffs are needed - but i tend to believe Wilson Combat knows their guns ...

2. Good mags...means clean mags / from a good mfg. I carry 12 mags for my gun...and as I run thru drills...speed reloads, tac reloads, etc...some may get used more than others and build up more carbon on inside of feed lips or on followers. So once a month, I set aside an hour to break each of those 12 mags down, remove base pads, take out springs, etc / clean & inspect each mag & reassemble...mags last a long time but i keep 4 new mags in inventory ( I only use Wilson, ETM mags with the oversized phenolic base pad ). If a mag gives me any issue ...I mark it with a permanent marker ...set it aside for inspection. I will clean & test it 4 or 5 times, on different practice range trips...if it burps again, I throw it out ! After 5 test runs it goes back in primary rotation, if it performs.

3. Check tension on extractor about every 6 months or every 10,000 rds.../ I do it by feel & experience but find a good local gunsmith to do it - or Brownells sells a tool & jig to do it.

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