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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca View Post
4. Don't touch anything else.
THIS is the most critical thing you can do to keep your firearms running! Read it. Memorize it. If you have any questions, READ IT AGAIN!

Seriously, if it's working properly, just keep it cleaned and lubed. Keep some spare recoil springs on hand and replace as needed. If you're worried about magazines wearing out, keep a couple new in wrap with the recoil springs.

Otherwise, if it's working properly, don't touch anything else!

Doesn't just apply to 1911s, but firearms in general. You wouldn't believe how many bags of gun parts gunsmiths see because somebody took a functional firearm and thought "Gee, it's pretty old/looks dirty/has a lot of rounds/some guy on the internet said these need to be really looked at sometimes".
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