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Savage bug bit me hard!

Last year I purchased 3 rifles that are Savages. Ok technically one is a Winchester but it is in a Savage caliber. A model 54 Winchester in 250 Savage minted in 1927, a new Savage Axis in 22-250 and a model 99 takedown in 300 savage 1926 or 1927 production I can't remember off the top of my head. Does anyone else have a love for this brand or is it just me? The 300 with a hand load of a Hornady 180 gr at 2400 fps is a dream to shoot and still is potent enough for anything I plan to shoot at. Love this gun. The Winnie has been rebarreled with a fast twist rate for heavy bullets but factory 100's still do good at 100 yards from what I can tell. Everything you hear about it's mild recoil is true I almost want to check for a squib everytime I shoot it. I also got a 6.5 jap brought back by a marine after WWll I need to show some love but for now the Savages are getting all my attention.
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