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Ultimate gobbler gun

Yes, both tubes shooting to the same place would be important. The theory on an O/U is one barrel would be choked SUPER TURKEY FULL and be charged with the full house turkey load of one's choice. The second barrel would be choked, ......say MODIFIED, and loaded with something along the lines of a standard field load with #6 or possibly even #7-1/2. The tight barrel for shots over ...30 yds (?), the open barrel for up close. The short range barrel could be "off" a little, to be compensated by the more forgiving choke. The gun would have provision for mounting some type of optic, both the Reaper and the short turkey Cynergy are so configured.

Recoil is not a concern, I still shoot 3 inch, 12 gauge lead loads, but I suppose that could change with age or injury. I've got no interest in in TSS shot for gobblers, though it is all the rage here as well. Done right, I shouldn't be shooting much past 40 yards, and lead is still serving well for me at that distance and under. I should go back in my gobbler diary and see what my average shot has been over the years.

'Pete, your comments on the Turk guns echoes what seems common opinion, and I intend at this point to hold off on a Turk double.

My next question is......on a higher priced gun like the Synergy, ( or a Citori, etc ) can poor regulation still be an issue?
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