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It seems to me that Randy Wakeman, who sees and shoots a lot of shotguns, has a low regard for Huglu, the company CZUSA is importing. It’s not a cut above, perhaps the contrary.

CZUSA and Tristar both have reportedly sterling customer service, so if something isn’t right you send it back and they fix it. Lots of people report how great the customer service on their CZ.

You pay more for the Cynergy because even though there are some reports that their customer service is meh, it’s very rare to hear of a Browning that makes in to the customer that doesn’t work or hold up to clays level shooting volumes.

For an Ultimate Turkey Gun, I would not use a double barrel. You’re counting on those barrels to regulate perfectly. That said, I recently got a Syren O/U and it’s patterns are perfect. But it cost three times that Turkish gun.

I just bought a CZ Bobwhite G2 20 gauge, from a neighbor.

G2 because… the G1 was a nightmare of breakage.

It’s attractive and well made, but the front trigger is too heavy (6.5 pounds) yet not so heavy the factory will do a free trigger job. I will see what I can do, I like to tinker.

Ultimate Turkey gun… unless there is a law in your country, I think a gas operated automatic will save your shoulder. With TSS shot, the ultimate is a 28 gauge.

The Turkish gun I bought.. it’s because I like to learn new things, I have never had a side by side, and I got it for a great price, no shipping or transfer fees. Without the warranty, CZs don’t resell well.

The resale value on a Browning will tower above what you can get if you end up not liking that CZ.
I hunt, shoot bullseye, plink, reload, and tinker with firearms. I have hung out with the Cowboy Action fellas. I have no interest in carrying firearms in urban areas.

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