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Tell me about C&R FFL

Originally Posted by stinkeypete View Post
As a practical matter, shipping with fedex personally as a FFL (C&R)
would be cheaper than paying my local full FFL to ship through his fedex account. An individual can't ship fedex, so it would be cheaper for me if I had the FFL. My question is, does C&R enjoy the same ability to use fedex and ups. Does that also apply at the USPS. USPS would be metric crap-tons cheaper.

As I begin to downsize my collection, shipping costs begin to really mount up.

If someone has experience with the shipping details, that would be helpful to hear from. As a practical matter.

USPS specifically states “dealer” in their handgun regulations. A FFL-03 cannot legally ship a handgun via USPS; they are not a “dealer.” I know people have done it, but getting an FFL-03 does not change anything with USPS over a non-licensee. That being said, long guns are fine to ship USPS by anyone… just make sure it is going to a FFL and follow their rules.

UPS I believe they require Overnight Air for handguns, across the board; FFL or not. I’ve seen certain UPS hubs ship handguns anywhere from Ground to Second Day Air… but I’m pretty sure Overnight is their requirement within their handgun policy. I don’t ship long guns other than USPS… so no idea.

FedEx… their policy states FFL and you need to complete a firearms shipping agreement.

Specifically if they consider FFL-03 in their FFL designation… I’d think they would, being it does not specifically say “dealer,” but you should find that out for yourself. Personally, I have zero desire to ship FedEx… so can’t really help you.
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