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My past experience with ballistic tips were in the early 2000's where I shot a 165gr out of a 30/06 at a whitetail. The shot placement was high shoulder, I found the base of the bullet resting against the shattered spine, wasn't very happy with that.

I ran my 1st test today, I call it my fragmentation test. In this test I shoot a heat treated 1" thick board with a milk jug behind it and multiple layers of dry cardboard behind that at a distance of 50 yards. The intent of this is not to catch the bullet but to "mimic" a small bone strike before entering the chest cavity, then inspect the fragmentation pattern through the cardboard. The little bullet passed this test, I only found 3 moderate sized frags of lead that weighed 16gr and no jacket material. Next test will be wetpack. What I will say is this 120gr nosler has already started off better then the SST I used last year which left the cardboard looking like it was hit with .22 rat shot.
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