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With cup & core bullets, i usually seat 0.020" from the lands.
It's where i've had best accuracy over the years.

I've only recovered 2 Ballistic Tips in the 30+ years of using them.
Those the 100gr out of my 250 Savage this year.

The buck i shot, i appearantly didn't see a branch between me and him. Caused the bullet to tumble, and hit high and right from where i was aiming.
We searched almost an hour for him, but no blood trail.
My friends mom found him next morning, 15ft from her tree stand.
Bullet hole was oblonged, high & back on his left side. He made it about 200 yards. Bullet was found stuck sideways in the spine.

The doe i shot was quartered away. Found the bullet under the hide on the off side, after it had gone through the shoulder. She went 5 yards, spinning & dropped.

When i find another 7mm-08 (i shot the barrel out of mine & rebarreled in 250Savage), i'll keep loading the 140gr Ballistic Tip.

My next grabbed bullet is the 140gr Berger VLD.
But don't expect an exit hole!
They go in 1-3 inches then come apart.
Put in the ribcage, they do MASSIVE internal damage!
But avoid hitting the shoulder!

I'm not exactly sure what your after as far as bullet performance.
Wetpack isn't a game animal.
Chit happens when a bullet enters a body. Lots of it still unexplained.
When our own government declares itself as "tyrannical", where does that leave us??!!

"Januarary 6th insurrection".
Funny, I didn't see a single piece of rope...

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