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BornFighting88 ATF is all lawyer talk, and lawyers ruin informative things.
Please don't be dismissive about "lawyer talk".
If you are going to shoot, use, collect and enjoy firearms, that "lawyer talk" is pretty damn important. It's not difficult to violate a federal firearm law.

It astounds me that licensed dealers don't read the instructions on the Form 4473, or ask questions whose answers are easily found in ATF regs. But, they are "in the business"........and should know better how serious a violation is viewed by ATF.

Those with a C&R are bound just as equally by those regulations, but have a bit less recordkeeping because they aren't in the business. Where 03FFL
s get in trouble is pushing the limits of their "collecting" activity and actually crossing into "engaging in the business of dealing in firearms".

If your interest lies in "project guns" and repairing, replacing parts and refinishing them, then selling it and moving on to your next aren't collecting, but engaging in the business of dealing in firearms.

It's not just how you acquire a firearm, but your intent. If you acquire a C&R and intend to resell.....thats dealing in firearms. ATF ain't going to view that in a positive light and at best tell you to stop and if you wish to continue get an 01FFL. At worst, they seize your guns and pursue a criminal investigation.

How many guns involved doesn't really matter, its the pattern that determines if you are engaging in the business of dealing in firearms.
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