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C&R license questions, for the ATF-savvy.

Hey all,

If this is something I need to just reach out to the ATF about myself, just say so.

I have a C&R license, and I am totally aware of what it does allow me to do and does not allow me to do…… Mostly.

I don’t plan on making money, as that is not allowed for an 03. But if I bought a project gun, one that needed to be fixed up, but was C&R eligible, and I do the work myself. Does that:

1. Take C&R status away from it, therefore requiring me to “dispense of“ the firearm (to my self) via my bound book??
2. Mean I must then go through an 01 to ship it, should I sell it out of state??

Also, (and this is completely theoretical, I have NOT done this at all) should I sell it merely to get the funds to do another project, does that:

1. Constitute making money or conducting business with the license??
2. Fall under “Gunsmithing activity” to the extent of having to invest in a smithing license??

Again, if I need to bite the proverbial bullet and just call the ATF for their answers, I will. No big deal.
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