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Originally Posted by Desmosedici View Post
I have a Gen4 19, a good gun and one I've enjoyed for many years now. For me, it's a better gun than the 17 for my purposes. The hump in the 17 grip just doesn't fit my hand as well.

Which probably makes me look like an imbecile because after trying a 19X this year, I think it is a better gun than my 19 in every aspect with the exception ability to conceal.

I get the argument that it seems to not offer anything advantageous over the 19, but for those that haven't tried one, you should. I can only speak for myself, but it balanced wonderfully well and the accuracy was notably impressive. I was surprised by it, very much so.
I currently own about a dozen Glocks, and the G19X/G45 is my overall favorite. People love to bash it for some reason (most of whom have zero experience with it), yet it's similar in concept to a commander size 1911 that many agree hits a sweet spot for 1911s.
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