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I would describe myself as "a conservative." Regardless of what that label means to anyone else, here is what it means to me: I want to "conserve" the bill of Rights - that is, to protect and defend the Bill of Rights against ALL enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

A true conservative, in my humble opinion, is loyal to a set of ideas and principals, NOT to an individual or a political party.

The oath of enlistment and the oath of comission which all soldiers, enlisted or officer must swear to is this: "To protect and defend THE CONSTITUTION." Not the President, the Senate, the Congerss, not the Supreme Court or any other person or entity, but THE CONSTITUTION, and therefore the Bill of Rights. This is what a true conservative is loyal to: The Constitution. The enemies of the Constitution will attempt to paint conservatives as loyal to the Republican party, loyal to George W. Bush, or loyal to a given religious doctrine, or (give me a freaking break!) the anti-abortion faction; these assertions are FALSE.

The true conservative is loyal to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, regardless of what "The Patriot Act" says. The thought of the FBI going to a "secret court" to get a subpoena or a warrant (search or otherwise) based ONLY on "because we say so" should scare us all [color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color]less.

ANY law, advocated by ANY politician that claims to supercede the Bill of Rights - as does the "Patriot Act" - should be met by a [color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color]storm of outrage and opposition from all of us, "Republican," "Democrat," "conservative," "liberal," "independent," "christian," "atheist," "environmentalist" and "businseeman" alike.
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