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Allegedly, the deputy didn't ticket the driver at the scene because he
was off duty and with his family.

I think one issue was the deputy brought the "on duty" attitude with him when he was off duty. If someone is driving aggressively, the best thing is to NOT get into a confrontation and separate yourself with distance.

You are absolutely right, if this was just a traffic offense, wouldn't it have been better to just mail the ticket (if allowed by the department) or just let it go if they didn't?

I think you are all right that the citizen should never have left his house armed.
It escalated the situation, would have put himself in jeopardy if they were not real cops and almost got himself killed as is.

Even though we are a "Castle Doctrine" state, I remember one case
failing because the guy came out of his house and shot someone.
You have no duty to retreat but no sanction to advance, either.
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