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Police at the door... Real or not?

Very strange situation happened in my county and I am very interested in how it plays out.

Let me give you the newspaper article's link rather than try to explain:


"There's two sides to every pancake, no matter how thin".
I only have the same facts you do.

My county is not "Mayberry". We have 100's of Sheriff's deputies.
Do you think it was proper for one of the arresting party to be the same deputy that was involved in the earlier road rage episode? OK, I can see how he could help ID the guy, buy they must have had his photo from his DL. I think there is too much of a chance that this could turn into a "vendetta", not an arrest.

What would you do if people came to your home and instead of
knocking on the door, called you on the phone and represented themselves as police? (What do you do if they knocked on your door, for that matter?)
Should he have immediately called 911 and remain armed, inside his house and not open the door rather than confront them with an AK?

Is four shots from one deputy overkill/panic?
Even with a suspect with an AK, should he have fired? (We don't know if the gun was leveled at the deputy). Even with an AK, if it was pointed at a deputy, should it have been two shots and reassess? Should the deputies have retreated and waited for SWAT to arrive? Perhaps the sight of so many combat armed deputies would have made it clear these were really the police?

What do I think? Given what we know from the article, I think mistakes may have been made on both sides. Thank goodness no trick or treating kids or
anyone else was hurt.
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