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The bill of materials gives the 1942 barrel as 4150, other parts different levels of carbon steel. The muzzle end of the slide was being hardened at the time.
That is a great reference, thanks for the link!

Something is a little off, the barrel is stated to be 4150 at the start by in the text, it is stated to be SAE 1350. Based on Clawson, I would go with the SAE 1350.

Anyone notice the "Combat crouch" of the GI's in the picture? I have seen a number of period pictures of FBI, Cops, etc, where they are shooting from this position. The shooting community is very resistant to new ideas, and as you can see, the shooter's left hands are all in the air. It took Bill Weaver and Jeff Cooper decades to get shooters to put that left hand on the pistol.
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