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If you tell them that you're interested in Spyderco/Cold Steel/Benchmade/Boker* level of quality, and they're still trying to sell you United Cutlery, they're doing you a disservice. Most United Cutlery is badly heat-treated 420J "Surgical Stainless" junk. You don't want to try to keep it sharp, and you don't want to trust your fingers to their locks. They also have a bad habit of ripping off other makers' designs and making copies with inferior materials.

They're cheap, and for the average user, they're OK. The average user won't do anything more strenuous than open an envelope or clean his fingernails with one. But if there's the chance you might have to fight with it, or if you put it through more chores than the average bear, go with the better names. I'd say those dealers are just trying to sell what they have in stock. It all depends on the dealer. They almost HAVE to carry UC and other low-quality products, because people want 'em (just like gun shops almost have to carry Lorcins and such because a lot of people want to buy those.)

*Not a complete list, I know. Nobody crucify me for leaving out your favorite, OK?
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