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Benchmade vs Cold Steel - My Take...

I was looking for a new carry blade. I did a lot of research on line at the knife companies web sites. I looked for prices online. I went to bladeforum, TFL, 1911forum, anywhere people might be discussing knives. I want a blade that I can use for utility if need be, but to have as an option in a self defense situation. It had to have a 3.5" blade or bigger, but not exceeding 4.5", it had to be a folder with a tanto-like blade, and it had to be under $100.

Went to a little shop not far from where I live. They carry just about every brand that you can think of and some I've never heard of before.

First thing I learned is that the pictures you see online can be deceiving. Like buying a firearm, there really is no alternative other than to handle them and try them out.
I finally made up my mind through my research to go with Benchmade, United Cutlery, or Cold Steel. They all had something that interested me.

United Cutlery - Heard good things about them, but the store's selection did not have what I wanted so they were disqualified.

Cold Steel - they got a lot of bad press on the online forums. I handled some of their stuff like the Recon 1 and the Voyager. The Voyager, although a nice price, seemed a little clunky in my hands. Was not impressed with it at all. The Recon 1 was nice.

Benchmade - I looked at the mini-stryker and the stryker. Well made, felt nice, not used to the liner lock, which seemed a little awkward. I'm used to the lockbacks.

After it was all said and done, I decided on the Benchmade 910S Stryker. Out of all three it felt the best to me. The Recon 1 was a close second, but I'm not big on the teflon coating and it seemed like it weight almost twice as much as the stryker. The price was nice as well, I got it out the door for the same price as the cheapest place online. The LifeSharp service was a big bonus as well. Can't beat paying S&H and getting a factory sharp knife when it gets dull. Anybody know if the other companies offer this?

I might re-post later as I run this thing through the paces. So far seems like a very nice, quality folder.

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