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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
Well, there is “reliable enough to carry” and there is “reliable enough to train with regularly.” I don’t doubt there are pistols that are reliable enough to carry but when you are shooting 2700 rounds in a three day course or 5000 rounds in a five day, and then doing that four or five times a year, they are more maintenance intensive. I love Hi-Powers. They are works of art. Glocks have no attraction to me. It is like owning a hammer. But I carry a Glock; because I can afford to train with it and keep running on my shooting schedule and I don’t have the skills or money to do that with a Hi-Power.

I train with my Glock 17, but I occasionally carry it. I carry my LC9, but I occasionally train with it. I know my Glock will shoot 1000 rounds without an issue. I know my LC9 will shoot all three mags I carry without an issue.

Pick the right tool for the job....

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