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Originally Posted by Creek Henry View Post
I dunno if this is the right place for this question but here goes.

I am reloading some 12 gauge for rabbit hunting. since I moved recently, all of my reloading stuff is in boxes buried in a storage unit so I can't get to it. However, I'm playing around with unloading unfired shells and reloading them with B shot.

Here's the question, once I cut off the top crimp of the shell, and put in my shot what is a good means of securing the shot cup? I'm going to try loctite which is a blue tacky material but I don't think it will survive the recoil in a magazine tube and the pellets may become loose. What else should I do?
"...Playing around" is about right. I cannot imagine of any serious and knowledgeable hand loader doing what you are doing (cutting a factory shell open and replacing the shot with a different size). If you don't know what you are doing, don't!
Aside from that, there is no such thing as "B" size I will assume you mean "BB". If that is what you are doing, I don't know of any rabbit hunters who use shot size that large for rabbits (cotton tails anyway).
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