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I have never been able to make up my mind between 9mm and 45ACP. They both have positives & negatives so I keep a few of both caliber handguns. I phased out my .40s just to simplify my stockpile, not because of any fault with the round. My take is this:
I believe the 45 hits harder without the need for hollowpoints. I'm just a fan of heavy bullets, unless I need to carry alot of ammo. Just strap on a holster rig with about 150 rnds and gun on it. Then walk for a couple of miles, or better yet, run. That is some heavy ammo! That is where I tend to favor the 9mm. The ammo is half the weight and bulk. I believe that is the reasoning behind the 5.56, the ability to carry more ammo.
For target shooting I prefere 45 as the holes in the target are easier to see. I keep a 45 loaded around the house for protection as I feel it hits harder(JMO). In my mind there is a reason why the 9mm is parabellum, the ability to carry more rounds.
Sorry about the ramble. Hope this post makes sense to you guys.

Edited to add: I also like the 45 Colt, .357 mag, & 44 special. All "out of date" calibers.
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