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Thanks For The Info

Thanks to all that replied!

If using corn meal for filler smells like my mothers corn bread then I am all for it. I also wasn't in love with the price of the felt pads cut to 36 cal I saw yesterday. Hopefully the first place I shoot it will be private property so I can evaluate if corn meal will be a bother to my fellow shooters at the local public range when I go there.

I bought Remington #10 caps and they also fall off, tried pinching the caps and I think I can make them work. I also may try different nipples at some point. If there isn't a real size difference is the difference the amount of power the caps have, if so are the #10's a lot less powerful than #11? I didn't find a nipple wrench I wanted, will continue my search for one.

I bought a brass flask CVA part # CA1400. It throws 16.2 grains Pyrodex P by weight so I will need to trim some length from the spout. Above post have suggested 15 grains by volume. If the ratio of volume to weight is 75% then I need to get the capacity down to 11.25 grains by weight. Does this sound right?

I may not get to shoot it today after all unless I go to the public range I frequent and I don't want to do that for the first time I shoot this revolver.

Have a great day!
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