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"I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that the last time a shotgun was actually fired in the direction of an enemy soldier was during the Vietnam war." Really? Where do you get this stuff?
Here is article from
Guns and Ammo web site from actual combat - The Magnificent Mossberg
Solid, reliable and hard-hitting, the 590 soldiers on in Iraq.
By Jeremy Stafford Posted: 2007-03
And from Navy Seals web site, list of firearms used:
I know from eyewitness accounts, the SEALS are also carrying 870s and 590s and even .357 revolvers and suppressed Ruger MKIIs and a bunch of other firearms as approved for each operator.
It is a fact beyond dispute that shotguns were used more in Vietnam, but they are still being used in certain situations - today. I expect the shotgun will in fact become "obsolete" and not be used outside of Special Forces in the near future. Special forces, SEALS et al, as so mission specific, they will continue using shotguns in combat on specific missions. Currently, they are used to breech doors and used to clear rooms. As has been noted, there are better choices for close quarters combat.
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