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Yes, if you have friends or family who you may need to round up and get to safety, you may have no choice but to leave your place of safety and go about in a house in which a bad guy might be waiting for you. But the fact that you might have to do it doesn't make it any less risky for you, doesn't reduce the possibility that you might get yourself killed and thus fail in your efforts to protect your friends and family, and doesn't reduce the possibility that you'll shoot one of your friends or relatives by mistake.

As Glenn points out, in general most folks who are living in your home (except perhaps an impaired family member or very young child) can learn and adhere to a plan to get to a designated place of safety if the alarm goes off.

And if you think there's any possibility you'll need to go after friends or family members, get some good training. If nothing else, it will reinforce what a lousy idea going out looking is.
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