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My false home alarm and what it taught me.

At about 2:30 in the afternoon today I woke up to my home alam siren going off.

I had a feeling it was a false alarm considering the time of day, my neighborhood, and the fact that my cul de sac was crowded with workers putting up two new houses.

After listening for any movement downstairs I felt it was safe to go look what happened. Turns out the front door switch falsely went off.

Now for what I learned.

I programmed my downstairs keypad with descriptions of each of the zones. Zone 3 is front door, zone 2 is Patio Door etc.

I haven't bothered yet to program the upstairs keypad with the same. Instead it just says zone 3 or whichever zone is triggered. If I had programmed it I would have been able to determine immediately that the alarm was false since I have a clear view of the front door from the top of my stairs.

So if you use an alarm system capable of zone descriptions I recommend you use them. They ae very handy and can tell you from where in your house an intruder might be coming from.

I also learned that my new wireless siren in the bedroom works great.

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