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Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs
But, there are a lot of very common things louder than a suppressed .22. Driving nails is much louder-as is cutting your yard, listening to most live music, running machinery.
Some of those things can be louder than a suppressed .22, some can be quieter. All can cause hearing damage over time.

Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs
The Walther P22 with Gemtech silencer that I shot in my back yard was so quiet the neighbors on the other side of the fence had no idea. It sounded just like a BB gun.
I agree that it sounds like a BB gun, but it can still cause hearing loss. A Walther P22 with a silencer will be louder than a suppressed 10/22, and you can see from this chart that a suppressed 10/22 with subsonic ammo is between 115 and 120 dB:

Compare that chart to the decibel levels of other common sounds:

And if you go to Google images and search for "db levels common sounds", you can see all sorts of other charts like that one.
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