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They are both flakes. Not sure what your point is? Dirt is a function of how completely a powder burns and how much graphite and non-flamable additives it has? I shot Bullseye for many years in match shooting. Have tried Unique, but in the low pressure loads found too much unburned material left behind, cluttering the bore. As pressure is increased, it burns more completely. Works fine in some reduced rifle loads, in particular.

Unique was introduced in 1900, and the current form of Bullsye in 1913, (though an older form from the 1890's was made from waste finings from other powders). Modern Bullseye was used by the government for .45 ACP at one time. 5.0 grains still copies the current military SR7970 load for 230 grain ball exactly.

If I were starting over, however, I would probably start with Hodgdon Universal Clays (not to be confused with Hodgdon Clays or Hodgdon International Clays). Universal Clays is inbetween Bullseye and Unique in burning rate. In the above example of 230 grain hardball, 5.0 grains of Bullseye, 5.3 Grains of Universal Clays, and 5.7 grains of Unique all provide the same ballistics. The Universal Clays is by far the cleanest burning of the bunch. It seems to be less fussy about metering consistently in my measures. The only drawback is, having no graphite, you will want either to run powdered graphite through your measure once or rub the plastic parts with with a clothes dryer sheet to keep static under control in dry weather. It is worth it not to have your hands covered with graphite every time you visit the range.
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