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I have the Ruger bolt action Ranch rifle in both calibers.

In 7.62 with cast bullets sized .313, I am shooting 2 MOA at 100 yards with a hundred dollar scope. Wolf steel case shoots about 2.5 MOA. Last month I killed a 300 lb hog with russian 123 gr. soft point bullet. Hog was gut shot at 150 yds with thermal imaging at night, in an open peanut field. The hog died within a yard of where he was hit.

On my .223 is a better scope, a Nikon M-223. With Sierra Match King reloads over H-335, it is sub MOA. With el cheapo Hornady 55gr. fmjbt, I get 2 MOA over 24 grs. of Ball C.
With cast bullets with reduced loads, I get about MOA at 1600 fps at 50 yards. I wish I had waited and bought the .223 with the AR mags. Mine has AI bottom metal fitted at considerable expense. AI mags are $40 each.

I couldn't imagine having to own one or the other. Detachable metal magazine solve the only problem ever associated with RARs, that is the plastic mags that lockup in the stock and not the action.

Which ever one you get, you will enjoy it.
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