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I had a set of custom ear plugs poured in and molded to my ears back on commercial row at Camp Perry, this would have been mid-1990's. I never liked them, I constantly felt as if I had locked pressure inside that I couldn't "equalize" or make comfortable. I believe I spent $65 or so on those, that was BIG money to me back then.

Over the past decade-plus, I've done the MOST shooting in my entire life and my routine is very long range days. Rare that I will do any session that is less than 4 hours in length, and typically 7-9 hour days when I get to shoot.

If we are on the outdoor rifle range, it's soft foam plugs under my electronic muffs, the Howard Leight Impact Sport. Indoor range is soft foam plugs under BIGGER electronic muffs, the Howard Leight Impact Sport Pro. Outdoors on the pistol range... it's just the slimmer electronic muffs, the Impact Sport.

I've always felt that my ears were EXTREMELY sensitive, I cannot stand loud noises. I have been seen at sporting events and in movie theaters with my fingers in my ears. I would never go to any concert without ear plugs. For me, loud noise is instant pain.
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