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James K: I think this model in particular has a good chance of going un-noticed:

I plan on packing it with no batteries installed, carry batteries in factory sealed packs. I can get pairs of Surefire CR123s at $5 a pop at Lowes so $30 worth of batteries should supply me for the whole trip, solving the voltage thing. This also means that turning it on in customs will be something they probably won't even consider. At that point it's just a flashlight - one that lacks any kind of "bludgeon length/heft", and doesn't have an aggressive toothy smashing end (either end). So, yeah, I don't see a huge issue here.

Size really isn't that bad:

There's no laser, no ability to attack aircraft. About the only thing that might give them pause is the random strobe mode and I don't plan on packing the manual that shows how to get to it! So even if they get to a point of unpacking the batteries and loading it up, I can set it so the initial turn-on (single button, light touch) is to one of the lower-power modes .

On the other hand, two "deep clicks" and it's in "holy crap!" mode .
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