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Policy Is Much Too Restraining

..just read a post where the OP stated A NEW RUGER 10-22 JUST FOLLOWED HIM HOME FROM DICK'S.

Early on in the Discussion the rest of us were warned to NOT GO OFF ON DICK'S ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT stance.

Well, anyone who's been paying attention knows full well of Dick's mistake in alienating pro-gun supporters. We would all be better served if ALL OF US SIGNED A PLEDGE TO NEVER AGAIN SPEND A BUCK ON ANYONE WHO WOULD SO READILY TRAMPLE ON OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Not only would that include the likes of Dick's but you can throw in Levi's, Dockers, Zeti Coolers.. And the list goes on.

The OP obviously is either unaware of the resentment many of us have toward Dick's & those who would deny us our Constitutional rights, or he just doesn't care. Allowing others to inform this individual why none of us should be doing business with Dick's would be a much better policy than one that continues to shield the truth from this conflicted, apathetic or uninformed gun buyer. As is he may very well never learn the perilous predicament gun owners are in in today's America with so many who would love nothing better than to deny us anything & everything guns & gun related. And that includes this forum. The fact of the matter is there are many out there who would shut The Firing Lines forums down if given the chance.

So why do to ourselves what others would love nothing better than to do to us? Why deny Responders the free-speech right to--you guessed it--practice a little free-speech & respond?

I would think it would be a much better policy to give Responders more reign & allow them to Respond as they see fit. If responses get out of hand deal with it at that time. But to PLAY SPEECH POLICE--and say, YOU JUST CAN'T SAY THAT! !!!!!--in the end prevents us from sometimes looking at the bigger picture. From time to time we all need to be made aware that there's a lot more to life than the cheap thrill of acquiring a new gun. Yeah, buying a new firearm is fun, but let's face it there are a whole lot more important issues going on in today's world.
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