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Not to mention the interest in surplus military rifles. Pretty sure that most Mosin Nagant owners never carried one in combat in their youths.
Those rifles are mainly purchased because they are cheap. And the quantity of Garand shooters as a percentage has declined dramatically. As an indirect indicator, look at the amount of .30-06 once fired brass you find compared to decades ago. It used to be all over the place. And the M-14/M1A is a much newer rifle so its clock started much later.
Garands were post WW2 surplus and even saw some action in Korea. So the surplus stockpile lasted for decades...this implies a time lag from last service until civilian popularity wanes.
i didn't say they totally vanish either, or that there are not some groups out there keeping it alive. Only that the popularity as a percentage of total shooters declines.

However, because there hasn't been much in the way of technological improvements in firearms beyond just building lighter rifles and a bit better bullets and barrel alloys, the Garand isn't really out dated like a musket is or a cap and ball rifle. Therefore, their following will stay strong until that changes.
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