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My 357AR is 16.25" with only a thread protector. Recoil is much more than 5.56. Actually some of my early accuracy issues were scope mount and fore grip movement due to recoil. Blast is big but it did not bother me in any way

I am guessing you have a 0.357 bullet sizer and no 0.356 sizer.

The 0.357 seem to work for you, but sooner or later you should try out some sized to 0.356 and some 350L specific bullets at 0.355. If your gun shoots as good or better with smaller stuff, using the smaller stuff will run less risk of a failure to fully go into battery due to a dirty chamber.

As far a my reference to plastic tips, I was referring to the Winchester 150 and the Hornady 165. Most of the performance reports are probably factory ammo, but there are some reports coming from guys that load their own.

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