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I would call the instructor and ask all of these questions. He/she will have a precise idea of how many rounds you'll need to complete a drill. I've taken a couple dozen courses, and have yet to need more than about 35-40 rounds before a scheduled reload break, however.

I've run my Shield twice in 4-hour, 400 rd classes, and the gun performed perfectly. The issue is all the reloading you have to do, both mag changes as well as shoving all those rounds into empty mags between drill sets. An Uplula helps a lot with this.

Also, I'd ask if they have requirements/restrictions as to holsters. There's a basics/fundamentals of defensive handgun class that I've taken, in which the instructor would not allow IWB holsters, no serpa-type holsters, no crossdraw of any kind, no shoulder rigs, just OWB between 2:30 to 3:30 (the reverse for lefties), citing safety reasons.

The mismatched mags shouldn't be an issue.

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