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I wouldn't worry about mismatched mags. You could conceivably carry the large magazine as a spare so it's worth getting in some repetitions to see if that might be worth it.

There's a balance in a class between simulating realism and the limitations of the class environment. Yes your typical carry has fewer rounds, but unless you want to be stepping off line a bunch to reload magazines I can understand using the SR9c. Another option is calling the place hosting the course and seeing what they think. Depending on the instructor and the curriculum there might be enough time allotted for magazine reloads that you could use the Shield anyway and not miss out on drills or instruction. It's a completely reasonable question.

I once watched a guy go through a 2 day reflexive shooting course with a SIG P238. A number of us in the class had Glock 19s or higher capacity pistols. He did really well and never complained, though he did have 8 or so magazines. I also watched a guy go through a day long defensive course with a Shield where he complained repeatedly that he didn't have enough rounds for all the repetitions. The attitude you have going in plays a huge role in what you get out of it. As you're doing the drills remember your own magazine capacity limitations and how that would impact your performance.

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