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Advice on training--please

ok guys- I am going to take holster draw and urban pistol 1 at Gun for Hire in North Jersey-
here is my dilemma ...

I carry concealed EVERY time I can legally when not in NJ- typically a shield 9 in a crossbreed at 4 oclock-- obviously a shield is probably not the best gun for a tactical style course- but I want to replicate my carry as closely as possible( I think)
I have a Ruger SR9C and a crossbreed for it. I have 3 mags all 10 rounds-- 1 is the shorty with finger extension-- and 2 full size with grip sleeves--

I also have a 4043 TSW with duty holster and mag carrier and 10 mags that I use for IDPA..

I prefer to use the Ruger--- closer to the shield in every way--

Is the 3 mismatched mags an issue?(2 full 1 short-all 10 rounds)
If that's an issue- which would be preferred?
with the sleeves they don't fit my double holder so I would just go with two singles--
Thank you in Advance
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