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I feel compelled to jump in here because I'm in the same circumstance as the OP.

I only started shooting this year. I took basic training classes and watched mucho videos on YouTube and read hundreds of articles. But my pistol shooting was not improving to my satisfaction. Mostly, I went to the range and continued doing what I was doing before, expecting significant improvement that didn't happen ... and spending a lot of ammo doing so.

Lately though, I've been using snap caps mixed in with live rounds at the range. I mix 5 snap caps with 1 live round and focus on the fundamentals. It's told me I wasn't focusing on the front sight enough and my follow through was horrible. My marksmanship is now improving much faster and I have far fewer flinches.

As a side benefit, I don't burn through as much ammo as I used to. Very far from it. I went to the range today. I had 300 trigger pulls but only spent 50 rounds of ammo.
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