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I'm not sure how many people I "swept" today with my loaded G22 in my backpack. However, I am sure, since it is also in a holster that covers the trigger that there is no way that it was going to go bang. If the person with the shoulder holster was wearing a jacket or suit coat, would anyone have been concerned about being "swept"? Then again, how would anyone know?

To Brian's point, when I go to the rifle range, I usually have 2 rifles in my hard case facing opposite directions. Both are unloaded (you have to take that at face value, because I told you that they are...but you didn't check them so are they??) so no matter what way I hold the case I'm likely "sweeping" people. No one at the range I frequent does the "duck and cover" as I go to the line. Or as any one else goes to the line for that matter.

To make a long story short, this is much ado about nothing in my book.
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