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How'd does it compare to sweeping folks with a "gun that isn't loaded"?

Well, there's no such thing. All guns are always loaded.

However, "loaded" guns aren't dangerous. Guns that are being handled/manipulated by a person are dangerous.

Therefore, a gun in a hand that's sweeping me IS dangerous because it IS loaded and should not be pointing at anything that it's handler is not willing to destroy.

I understand the aversion to having a holstered gun pointed at you. It's a natural instinct (or should be).

Rational thought can override instinct though. I flinch just looking down a barrel that's not even connected to gun. I know its not dangerous but I have a natural aversion to having a barrel pointed at me.

Same thing would occur with a shoulder holster. First instinct is to flinch. Second thought is "Oh. It's holstered. It's safe."

How about those $20 plastic rifle cases that wouldn't stop a BB? Does it make folks nervous when someone is walking around with one of those, pointing the rifle at everybody in the room?
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