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You can really make pinecone's dance, that are thrown up against a dirt backstop. Trick is: shoot just below the pinecone, so as to propell it in mid-air, and have you or your partner shoot it while it is still aerial.

Dremill drill the NECCO wafers, and hang buy a small wire.

Don't drill thru the old rubber band core golfballs or you'll jam the drill bit. Use a long-enough string to keep the golf ball in motion after a hit.

Pierce a tennis ball with a fishing hook with a leader attached to it, and hang with a long string.

Super glue paint balls to a string or target, or pierce one with a stand-up toothpick; stuck in cardboard.

Use stand-up 1.5 foot long thin steel flagwires you can buy at Home Depot. Loop one end of the wire to snugly fit a shotgun shell, and stand-up the wire on the backstop.
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