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Uh... no genius. They came out with the SF models because they wanted to grab the other share of the market, the complainers and sissy-boys who were going to other pistols because Glocks' grips were supposedly too big.

I bet if his life depended upon the pistol working, that old timer would love Glock in a heartbeat. Those that don't care about their "favorite pistol" jamming, are simply in shooting for sport only, not survival in case the SHTF
know why, because those that say such ignorant statements are whiny nitpickers that think guns are for comfortable fun at the range, not used for survival on the streets or in war.

Wow, I didnt have to go any furture than the last page to see that I was right, this thread has been ruined by the mindless glock endorsements. But no thread is properly trashed till you get the generic, right off of google image Glock cut and past pic....:barf:

Oh wait, there it is. Awesome. Are the other 12 pages this great?
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