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Just an update....

Went to the local Bass Pro and got my first reloading stuff. The only powder they had in stock (from all your suggestions) was W231. Bought a pound of that, just to start out with. They did have some small pistol primers too, so I bought 500 of them.

Also bought a Lee hand primer. (I intend to deprime, then clean brass, reprime, then finish reloading on whatever press I end up with) Could not help it....had to reprime one 9mm case. Little Lee primer deal set a new primer, flush. Dropped that empty into the Glock and it popped like it should.

Did notice something odd after that trial though. Noticed that the newly shot primer had backed out, just a tad, after shooting it. I've not noticed that with new factory brass. Is this common for reloaded brass?

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