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That RolandD is a pretty slick idea, kudos! I wound up making some target stands to use at the unmanned Department of Conservation ranges here in Missouri, but they were not as slick and portable as yours. Mine utilized old stripped Data racks and some self healing foam fitted between the legs. You can't always get a shooting spot at the pistol benches at those ranges when they're busy.

One day I watched a conservation agent writing a ticket to an individual that was using a target stand and not the back stops that are provided, didn't realize until then that their rules prohibit doing so because so many people do. Luckily I did not have mine with me on that day. I've seen it happen a handful of times since, and in talking with one of the agents I learned that they often sit at a distance and spy on range users in the name of catching vandals and such.

Verify the rules of the state parks where you plan to use them just in case.
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